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A Semester of Discovery at Bread for the World

Hermela Capitol

The author, at left, pictured in front of the Capitol with other Bread for the World interns at a lobby day on Capitol Hill.

By Hermela Hailemeskel, BTC Student

“One in 6 people struggle with hunger, 5 in 6 can help.”

This semester, I was able to follow my passion to help end hunger. I had the opportunity to intern in the Church Relations Department of Bread for the World, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to urge decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad through advocacy. I initially learned about Bread for the World last semester in the Beyond the Classroom UNIV325 Seminar class. Continue reading


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Converging Issues: Hunger and Homelessness

Editor’s Note: Beyond the Classroom encourages program participants to identify civic issues that are most important to them.  Through activities, lectures, films, seminars, classes, events, and internships, students learn how they can address those issues through civic engagement, advocacy, and action.  This post is the third in the “Converging Issues” series, which are blogs that examine these issues from student and staff perspectives – including what inspired the authors to get involved in their civic issue and how they were involved or can be involved in that issue through BTC.

by Meaghan Potter,BTC Student

The author, learning first hand about community gardening in Atlanta.

The author, learning first hand about community gardening in Atlanta.

Hunger and homelessness is an incredibly influential issue that impacts numerous individuals across the globe. While this has always been something I have been aware of, it was never something that directly seemed to impact my daily life. After joining Beyond the Classroom, I became more aware of the true extent to which hunger and homelessness is present in the world today through the foundation course with BTC Director Dr. Jim Riker. In addition, it is an issue that requires civic action. After learning a bit more about the true impact of hunger and homelessness in our society today, I chose to attend an Alternative Spring Break trip to Atlanta, Georgia in hopes of lessening the impact of hunger and homelessness in the Atlanta region.  Continue reading