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Horses that Heal: The Work of Maryland Therapeutic Riding

Horses for Hope

By Kylie Waterman, BTC Student 

This summer I had the opportunity to work at Maryland Therapeutic Riding  (MTR) in Crownsville in order to fulfill my Beyond the Classroom internship. It is a non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with developmental problems, as well as emotional or physical challenges. The organization serves people of all ages using a range of therapies from everyday riding lessons to hippotherapy, which utilizes the soothing and strengthening motion of the horse in coordination with more traditional forms of therapy like physical, occupational and speech therapy. Continue reading


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Fulbright Provides Students Opportunities to Study and Teach Abroad

The Fulbright Program allows students to teach and study in many countries throughout the world.

by Krista Heiner, BTC Graduate Assistant

“International educational exchange is the most significant current project designed to continue the process of humanizing mankind to the point, we would hope, that men can learn to live in peace–eventually even to cooperate in constructive activities rather than compete in a mindless contest of mutual destruction….We must try to expand the boundaries of human wisdom, empathy and perception, and there is no way of doing that except through education.” — Senator J. William Fulbright [From remarks on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the Fulbright Program, 1976]

The author in front of La Maison des Esclaves (The House of Slaves), Goree, Senegal.

In 1945, Senator J. William Fulbright introduced a bill into Congress that allowed surplus war money to be used for “the promotion of international good will through the exchange of students in the fields of education, culture, and science,” which created the Fulbright Program. Since then more than 318,000 “Fulbrighters” from over 155 countries have participated in the program, which is designed to promote cross-cultural understanding and partnership. There are a wide variety of Fulbright programs that allow undergraduate students, graduate students, professors, and professionals to teach, work, and study abroad in almost every field.

I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Fulbright program last year as a student research grantee, which allowed me to travel to Mali and Senegal for 10 months to study natural resource management policy. Continue reading

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BTC’s New Student Ambassador Program: Current Students Share Experiences with New Students

BTC students engage in a variety of civic learning experiences. Here they joined in the AIDS Walk Washington, DC

by Krista Heiner, BTC Graduate Assistant

Are you interested in sharing your experiences in BTC with potential students? Do you want to make sure that the BTC community remains active and dynamic? Keep reading!

Whether it is discussing key civic issues in classes like in our fall seminar series “Voting as if the Issues Matter” or engaging in civic life by marching in the annual Whitman-Walker AIDS Walk in Washington, the BTC program thrives on an active community of students from a variety of disciplines who are interested in becoming informed and involved citizens.

An important part of making sure that the BTC community remains as dynamic as ever is recruiting new students into the program. Continue reading